NEO CAC: Cost-effective online statutory audit service provider
Actively contribute to the information collection process and receive one of the most competitive rates for statutory auditing services

A comprehensive and innovative approach

Actively take part in pre-audit preparatory work and save money.

Une nouvelle approche applicable à toutes vos obligations de commissaire aux comptes.

NEO CAC CAC is suitable for all types of companies and sectors, from commercial businesses (SARL, SAS, etc.) to non-profit organisations

NEO CAC can be tailored to entities of all sizes

NEO CAC is THE solution for auditing annual accounts, as well as for meeting all other legal audit obligations (change of business structure, capital contributions, mergers, etc.).

Simple and secure access

Comprehensive, explanatory questionnaires adapted to your situation.

Secured data exchange.

Interactive, user-friendly monitoring matrix.

An accredited auditor and a team at your disposal for any questions.

Easy-to-understand fees

A clear-cut price, determined in advance.

Up to 40% off your statutory auditing fees.

Pricing structure adapted to your specific profile (company organisation, size, business sector).

Access the simulator.

Our quality

Auditors registered with the Paris Regional Chamber of Statutory Auditors (CRCC) for over 20 years.

Respect for the professional standards of auditing.

Regular professional training for auditors.

Commitment to respecting a Code of Ethics and a Charter of Independence.